I’m sorry for the quiet on the blog front. Life is a whirlwind right now. We’re all recovering from drawn-out colds, I’m entering the craziest few weeks of my work life for the year, and we’re coping with the fact that our daughter is entering Pre-K in a week. We just went school shopping. The over-abundance of princess school gear chosen wasn’t the only reason I wanted to cry. Oliver’s Interventionist is thrilled with his progress thus far. His head control is getting so good and he’s started rolling over! He had his first evaluation with PT this week and they’ll be working with him weekly on loosening up his arms, which recoil at any touch, and getting him to relax and open his hands more in preparation for grasping and sitting up. He’s been doing really well and vomiting less this past week. But we randomly saw three seizures today after weeks of inactivity. We’re praying it’s just because he’s sick and feeling bad, which can be a trigger. We’ve also gotten him accepted by one of the best pediatric neurologists at Vanderbilt, who we’ll see in October. We’re learning that the neurologists are almost solely concerned with seizure control and that it’s really going to be up to us and his therapies to improve his quality of life otherwise. But he loves his new school and the ladies there fight over holding him. I’m also pretty sure he’s thrown up on most of them already – and they still like him. It’s a blessing. Keep praying for good days and no more sickness and seizures.

In other news, this week’s Pantone Fall Color Forecast is Sangria. It’s a fuchsia, berry, wine extravaganza of a color and a great transition color for summer to fall! fall color watch - sangria | westofgrey.com// Sugarplum Creamy Lipstick // Simply Sizzling Salon Pro Nail Polish // Leaves Readers // Sprinkle Dot Cami Dress // Annie Scarf // Sabina Jeweled Statement Necklace // Sleeveless Cutout Dress // Shoulder Bag //  Holdin My Breath Flats // Bear Calm Art Print // Fuchsia Aberdeen Outdoor Pillow // Drapey Halter Top // Uptown Scene High-Waisted Shorts //


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Sorry I missed my Friday post, but fear not! Your Friday Fall Color Forecast is here! Misted Yellow is a warm, buttery golden yellow. It’s not neon. It’s not mustard. What a great accent to energize any palette…Fall Color Forecast - Misted Yellow | westofgrey.com// Marilyn Monroe Art Print by Mamboo // Soneca Pendant Lamp // New School Curtain Panel // Locust Jagged Dot Quilt // New School Yellow Dot Sheet Set // Round Pintuck Pillow // RE Knit Geo Pillow // Broken Stripe Pillow Cover // Eyeball Sconce // Yellow Nira Flat-Woven Wool Rug // Cotton Rug // Large Strapped for Storage Bin // Layla Sofa // Ceramic Jar // Ceramic Plate // Room Essentials Tri-Band Dinnerware SetFall Color Forecast - Misted Yellow | westofgrey.com// Fierce ‘N Tangy Color Show Nail Lacquer // Disco Playground Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe Gloss // Confetti Garden Scarf // New Horizons Colorblock Maxi Dress // Striped Yellow Tassel Scarf // Haircalf Skinny Belt // Easy Tee // Chiffon Paneled Top // Floral Bud Utility Blouse


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Many people have told me over the past three months how strong I am. While I have always prided myself on my independence and intelligence, I don’t think I’m particularly stronger than anyone else would be if stuck in the same circumstance. The truth is, no one pictures themselves being told their child will never have a normal life. No one prepares for that. But if it visits itself upon you, you have no choice but to respond. And your choices are limited: 1) close your door and go to bed forever or 2) put on your big girl panties and keep moving. Processed with VSCOcam with m6 presetI am realizing this last two weeks that I am definitely not as tough as I thought. It turns out that my early acceptance of my new reality was actually my denial phase in the grieving process. I wasn’t in denial of Oliver’s diagnosis, but of the fact that I hadn’t yet moved on. And now, with going back to work, ending breast feeding earlier than planned, and two really rough weeks, I am officially in the anger phase.

I’m not walking around looking for faces to punch (most days), but I am at the point where I have to constantly remind myself that other people having perfectly healthy children is not an affront to me. I have to remind myself that not everyone knows how to handle other people’s grief and that some friends will disappoint me without meaning to. I have to remind myself that the world is still a beautiful place even though there might be a treatment to stop my baby’s seizures naturally that I may never get to try because it offends some people’s personal politics. And finally, that my life now revolves around things that normal parents can’t even imagine – making us very, very alone, even while surrounded by love and support. So right now, I’m angry. And unfortunately for this new baby blog, anger robs creativity. So as you see in my bio to the right, I have no business running a blog right now and life is going to trump passion for a little while I work on coming out the other side of this particular chapter in the grieving process.

In the meantime, this is the next piece of art that I made for Ollie’s room, long before we knew what he would be facing. And now, it’s a daily reminder that courage and “strength” is in faking it well. I’ve always told people that having style in your home or in fashion is a lot about faking that you confidently made every decision on purpose. It turns out that’s true in life’s bigger trials, as well. And while I may feel like a little hobbit who has been asked to go on a big journey to save the world, I can be brave WHILE being terrified. It also turns out that being weak and vulnerable is exactly where God wants me according to 2 Cor. 12:9:

And he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest on me.

JohnWayneQuoteArtSo if I seem a little more quiet online or in person, please don’t worry or take offense. I’m just getting myself saddled up for the journey to come.

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  • Jaclyn PruehsJuly 21, 2014 - 12:20 pm

    I love you. ReplyCancel

  • Niki KnowltonJuly 21, 2014 - 1:59 pm

    Hugs… you have every right to feel any way you want. Continued prayers for you and your family.ReplyCancel

  • Joni Whitacre DarmodyJuly 21, 2014 - 7:12 pm

    You and Oliver and Alan and Margot are loved more than you can possibly know. You are NOT ALONE.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Ann CobleJuly 26, 2014 - 10:05 pm

    I so look forward to your blog entries on anything but especially “Oliver’s” progress…please don’t stop…it will get you through this…being able to share your “raw and devistated feelings”…it gives us all the opportunity and priveledge to pray for youReplyCancel

Sorry I’ve been missing in action this week! As I wrote in last week’s post, this has been two weeks from hell for us…which finally ended today. It’s Friday night, it’s Alan’s birthday, and it’s fall color day! Pantone’s next fall color for 2014 is Aurora Red. This is a spunky, sparky red with orange undertones and is sure to brighten up any wardrobe or home. Here’s my take on the color.

Pantone Fall Color Forecast - Aurora Red | westofgrey.com// The Wonder City Poster // Geo Mod Clock // Happy Chic Crescent Heights Console Table // Willa Red Side Chair // Room Essentials Striped Colorblock Duvet Set //  Threshold Indoor/Outdoor Fretwork Area Rug //Pantone Fall Color Forecast - Aurora Red | westofgrey.comTigerlily Creme Lipstick // 1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans // Ballet Flats // Jess Mixed Stripe Mini // Brick Lane Belted Dress // Foxy Graphic Tee // Azealia Cutout Heels // Mediterranean Seas Maxi Skirt // Joe Fresh Linen Shorts //


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