Nooks and Crannies

Every week, I look at hundreds of posts from other blogs, retail sites and online magazines. There are some really awesome things out there that you, my lovely new readers, deserve to see. So that’s what we’ll do every Friday, m’kay? Here is what I dug up in the nooks and crannies this week.


// This Harlem brownstone had me at “Hello, kickin’ black fireplace. I love you.”

// Jackie at Teal and Lime gives such great education on designing the home. This piece includes many pieces of advice on having style with little money that I’ve doled out myself. But she’s already written it perfectly!

// This project for wall art is SO. AWESOME. I already have a palette in mind.

// Somebody please throw a party like this and invite me. I promise not to spill anything in my lap.

// I am loving the idea of hiding a pantry behind what appears to be full-sized cabinets. Makes me think of my biggest desire for a dream house when I was growing up: secret passageways.

// I thought the advice for making a brunch party seem more high end was incredibly smart and practical.

// Free subtle floral Photoshop brushes for the designers out there. I could see these making a beautiful background for a blog.

// Sometimes I see makeovers that just make me want to throw in the towel and sob quietly in my closet. This is one of those.

// Emily’s Fig House remodel is just happiness in a room. I am desperate to do a photo session here. BUT WHICH CHAIR TO — USE?!

// Why aren’t you renting one of these All-American vacation rentals this weekend?

// This little video is totally an example of where I think home blogging might be going. Phenomenal.

// I know I don’t. Download this free wallpaper and remind your coworkers.


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