Minimalist Me

I recently had a conversation on Facebook with a friend who mocked me about still shopping at Forever 21. Soooo, it IS true that I’m taking the name and running with it. BUT I still hold that if you shop online and look in a discerning way, there are plenty of age-appropriate clothes for amazing prices.

Their most recent promotion is a Shop Your Style and it lists the six fashion styles of women that shop their clothes. I fall squarely in the Minimalist category and I have to say that their curated selection for this style is so excellent. When it’s all put into one place with all the skater looks and cartoon tshirts removed, the clothes look far more expensive than they are. And the description is perfect. I’m such an off-off-duty model. Way off duty. So off that I’m wondering if people lost my number.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.01.29 PMHere are a few picks from the collection.

Which of the six fashion styles are you?



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