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Updates on Oliver’s health, Lissencephaly and our family’s journey

Release the Kraken!

I remember the day that Ollie’s daycare called to tell me that he had laughed for the first time. I’mView full post »

Why I Don’t Blog

Hi there. My name is Alysa. I’m not dead. I’ve just been silent. For a long time. Quick update: Oliver, myView full post »

Baby Breakthroughs

In general, little man has been doing very well over the last week or two. Maybe it’s because he’s not beenView full post »

Hey, did you know I have a blog?!

So, it turns out I actually own a blog…for updates…and creative outlet. So sorry I haven’t acted likeView full post »

Begrudging Updates

I am so not in the mood to write an update post. But considering I haven’t been in the mood for a good…hm,View full post »

One Week to Go

We’re five weeks into the steroid injections with one week to go. We think they’ve been successful so farView full post »

A new chapter, same book

You may have read on my Facebook page┬áthat we’ve entered a new chapter of struggles for our little knight. TwoView full post »

New Normal

Oliver just had another seizure. It was nothing scary – some twitching and blinking, but it amazes me how much myView full post »

Fall Color Watch – Sangria

I’m sorry for the quiet on the blog front. Life is a whirlwind right now. We’re all recovering fromView full post »

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